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10 Easy Ways to Go Green in the Office

We know that most of you are currently working from home but we want to take this opportunity to consider what our offices are going to look like once we get back in them.

Researches show that CSR (Company Social Responsibility) is quickly becoming one of the biggest factors for employees when choosing their preferred future employer. So here’s how you can include some small but valuable details to your everyday office life to not only help the environment but also attract and retain top talent. 

1. Recycling bins

Easy to do and super effective- place 3 or 4 bins around the office where everyone can throw their plastic, metal, paper or glass waste.

You can also provide some tips and tricks on how to recycle properly and place them near each bin. Brand the bins, add stickers or whatever you want to make this experience fun and enjoyable.

2. Dishes and cutlery

Each office has access to a sink, some places even have their own kitchens so don’t be afraid to use some normal cutlery and pla…
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The Good Example: Businesses and startups that help others during quarantine

In times like the unusual ones we live in now, there’s nothing more important than spreading love and support to everyone who needs it. Hospitals, patients, employees, businesses, stores- everyone’s trying to survive and sometimes the tiniest bit of support can make a big impact on someone’s life even without us realizing it.

Here’s why we decided to create a list of startups and companies that come up with creative ways to support communities around the world. There’s obviously thousands of amazing examples out there which couldn’t make us more happy because we see the effort and the love that businesses are now putting into supporting others. This is just a small portion of them.

Please feel free to email us with more suggestions so we can give a shout-out to those lovely people who are doing their best to help us all go through this. We will update the list in future. 



Naicoms - a Bulgarian company, offers their platform MedCare for free during the pan…

Working from home - tips for EMPLOYEES, LEADERS and the TEAM

In the light of the current events, lots of us work from the comfort of our homes in order to stay safe and protect ourselves and our families from COVID-19. This however might be challenging not only for the managers of the companies who’re trying to make sure their work is staying on track, but also for the employees. As an employee, you’re probably used to working with your colleagues, having your manager by your side so you can get their assistance at any time and just in general feel more organized and social in an office environment. There are also difficulties that the team as a whole might face, due to the decreased communication.

We decided to give you some short and effective tips that actually work, and see how you can get the most of your work from home.

Before we begin, it’s important to say that we are grateful that we are a business that can afford to work remotely. We appreciate everyone who’s out there working as per usual, all the hospital staff who are going above …